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Custom Jewelry 0 Comments views (2478)
CounterSketch software is a complete custom design package to use right on your showroom floor.
3D Wax Printer

3D Wax Printer

Custom Jewelry 0 Comments views (2176)
Traditional design begins with an artist’s sketch for the customer to inspect. Once the sketch is approved, it is carved out of wax and re-inspected before casting.
3D Printing in Jewelry Markets Will Reach $11 Billion by 2020
The jewelry and watch industry had total revenue of almost $300 Billion in 2014. Jewelry is the primary industry studied in a recent 3-D printing report from SmarTech Markets Publishing entitled Opportunities for 3D Printing in Precious Metals. Ithas modeled the value of rings, necklaces, timepiece components, and other common consumer fashion items made via direct and indirect methods of 3-D printing to reach $11 billion by 2020.
Winners of Baselworld Design Competition
Baselworld inspires industry leaders and top designers to showcase their creations and innovations on a worldwide stage.
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